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Nutritional Supplements

Murray's Health & Wellness

Concierge Internal Medicine & Board Certified Internal Medicine located in Naples, FL

Nutritional supplements can help boost your overall quality of life by putting your body into balance. At Murray's Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, Emilia E. Murray, MD, helps determine what supplements could benefit you best so that you achieve a higher quality of life. Call our office at (239) 213-0080 or schedule your appointment online to discuss what supplements are best for you.

Nutritional Supplements Q & A

Who benefits from nutritional supplements?

A balanced diet is a solid way to boost your immune system and overall body function. You want to seek out foods high in antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and fiber.

However, eating such a diet isn’t always possible or practical. Getting the perfect balance of nutrients to support a healthy body and mind from food alone is a challenge. Plus, if you suffer an imbalance in nutrients or have a condition that could use extra nutrients, food may not offer the right combination.

Nutritional supplements can make up for deficiencies in your diet and help you find balance without having to radically alter your current healthy eating plan.

What types of supplements are offered?

Dr. Murray uses two brands of supplements. These are of the highest quality, so you can trust the ingredients and know they work.

The brands she offers include Life Extension® and Nature’s Sunshine®.

What are the benefits of Life Extension nutritional supplements?

Life Extension supplement company does not choose its ingredients based on costs. They use the highest-quality and pure ingredients that don’t contain microbes and heavy metals. Plus, the ingredients are potent and proven effective in scientific research. The dosage recommendations are based on scientific studies, so you get maximum efficacy.

What are the benefits of Nature’s Sunshine nutritional supplements?

Nature’s Sunshine provides high-quality supplements, which provide you with exceptional results. The prices are affordable, but you don’t get cheated on the purity of the herbs, vitamins, and skin care enhancers.

Why should I seek medical care for a nutritional supplement plan?

You can purchase nutritional supplements over-the-counter, but you’re basically guessing about what your body needs. With so many options available, it’s better to rely on the guidance of Dr. Murray, who can recommend what you need based on your symptoms, health goals, and medical history. Plus, if you’re on medications for chronic disease, she can ensure the supplements you take don’t cause a reaction.

To receive a customized plan of nutritional supplements to boost your quality of life, call Murray's Health & Wellness, or schedule a consultation using the online tool.