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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to become a Concierge Member of the practice in order to enjoy the Med Spa?

  • Not at all! All are welcome to enjoy our Med Spa and may even become a Spa Member to enjoy exclusive "member only" discounts and promotions. 


How do I enroll in Dr. Murray's Concierge Practice?   

  • Dr. Murray is currently still accepting new members to our unique Health and Wellness Concierge Practice. To enroll contact our office at (239) 213-0080.


I have never met Dr. Murray. Is it possible to meet her before making a decision?  

  • Absolutely!  We encourage you to contact our office at (239) 213-0080 to learn more about the exclusive care you will receive with the Dr. Murray's Concierge Medicine program. You may also schedule a meeting with Dr. Murray to discuss how this unique program can benefit you and your health. 


What about the fees for test, labs fees? 

  • Those charges will be billed to your insurance company (either private or Medicare) and will be reimbursed according to your benefits. You will be responsiblefor any fees your insurance determines to be the patient’s responsibility.


Will my Medicare or supplementary insurance cover the membership fee?  

  • No. Membership fees are the patient’s responsibility, however, if you have a Healthcare Reimbursement Account, we recommend you check with the advisor who manages it to see if this is a covered expense under the terms of your plan.


Does Murray's Concierge Practice accept Medicare and supplementary insurance reimbursement for office visit?   

  • Yes. We will bill your insurance company and/or Medicare for your office visits. Office visit charges and co-pays are not included in the annual fee. Murray's Concierge Medicine is designed to work in conjunction with Medicare and/or your third party insurance.


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