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Why Medical Weight Loss Might Be Your Answer

Losing weight can certainly help you feel better in your clothes and increase your confidence, but your extra pounds can also contribute to serious health issues.

Did you know that being overweight or obese can put you at risk for developing health conditions that can lead to death? Studies show that about 2.8 million people worldwide pass away every year from carrying too much weight on their bodies.

At Murray’s Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, Dr. Murray and the rest of our team have the expertise and experience to help you with weight loss. We customize the plan specifically for you to meet your goals and help you achieve good health.

Dangers of being overweight

When you’re obese or overweight, you’re at risk for developing the following: 

Excess weight also puts strain on your joints and can cause changes to your metabolism, too. The good news is — you can lower your risk by getting your weight within a healthy range, and we can help you do that. 

Our solution for weight loss

Our weight loss plan offers our medical supervision with a personalized plan for you. We help you drop excess weight with safe injections that increase your metabolism, which help you lose weight in a healthy way. 

Before we develop your customized plan, we take into account your gender, age, height, weight, and desired results. Your weight loss program might include nutritional supplements, or if you have a hormone imbalance, we offer hormone replacement therapy.

During your consultation and examination, we work with you to find the right method of treatment for you. Once you get started, we monitor your progress throughout the process to ensure you get the results you want.

What to expect

The health benefits of losing weight are far-reaching, including:

It’s no secret that you’ll also enjoy looking slimmer. When you stick to your plan, your results will serve you well. We’re here to walk alongside you to make sure you accomplish your goal.

If you want to lose weight and want to learn more about our medical weight loss plans, call us at 239-268-0057 today or book your appointment online. Feel free to send us a message if you have questions or concerns before your visit.

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