Which Nutritional Supplements Are Right for Me?

At Murray’s Health & Wellness, our team, led by Emilia E. Murray, MD, ABIM in Naples, Florida, partners with you to improve your health with natural, nutritional supplements. But what are they, and how can they really support your health? 

At our practice, we take on a personal approach to helping you have a healthy lifestyle so you can have the best quality of life for a long time. We do that by creating a customized plan for you that incorporates preventive health measures, using nutritional supplements. 

The importance of nutritional supplements

Your body doesn’t always get the proper amount of healthy nutrition it needs for several reasons:

Mineral-deficient soil

To grow nutrient-rich food, you need soil that hasn’t been robbed of its minerals. Unfortunately, poor management of soil and even fertilization can deplete the soil of its essential nutrients needed to produce healthy food.

Poor diet 

Meeting all of the dietary requirements for proper nutrition can be difficult. For example, you might be on a strict diet or have a loss of appetite. 

Harmful chemicals

Pesticides and herbicides sprayed on crops can deplete their nutritional value, plus chemicals in our environment and those found in our water can attack your digestive and immune system.


As you get older, your body doesn’t break down and absorb nutrients like it did when you were younger. Also, if you’re taking more medications, that can deplete the essential nutrients you need, as well. 

Nutritional supplements can bridge the gap where nutrients are missing, offering your body the right amount of balance it needs and helping it function at its peak performance. They can improve your health, and in many cases, help you avoid chronic diseases.

Deciding what nutritional supplements are right for you

Our team offers Life Extension® and Nature’s Sunshine® supplements. They have power-packed, pure ingredients and offer the highest level of quality. 

Our recommendations are based on your needs. For example, vitamin D offers bone support, omega-3 fatty acids contribute to your heart health, and other combinations of supplements can slow down vision loss. If you’re pregnant, we may suggest folic acid to help reduce possible birth defects.

When you come in to see Dr. Murray and our team for a consultation, we learn about your lifestyle habits, your diet, plus examine your health needs. We also ask questions about your medical history and your family’s, as well.

Our plans are customized, so our prescriptions aren’t a “one-size-fits-all.” Together, we decide what supplements can complement your immune system and benefit your overall health.

To learn more about nutritional supplements, schedule a consultation with our team. Call our practice at 239-268-0057 or request your appointment online today. You can also send us a message if you have any questions.

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