Turn Back Time With Tighter, Tauter Skin

Turn Back Time With Tighter, Tauter Skin

If you’re ready to turn back the signs of aging, then you have options. We can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with innovative, noninvasive advanced procedures that can give you the results you want.

Our team at Murray’s Health & Wellness, led by Emilia E. Murray, MD, ABIM, provides skin tightening methods that treat your body all over, helping you gain a youthful appearance and a boost to your self-esteem.

The TempSure® option

TempSure® treatments provide tightening for all parts of your body.

TempSure Envi

If you have sagging facial skin, this system uses radiofrequency (RF) to stimulate collagen production and tighten areas on your face. The device heats your skin to a certain level, which triggers your body to generate collagen to bring firmness to the area.

TempSure Firm

This system reduces your body’s skin laxity in problem areas like your thighs, hips, and buttocks. The device uses a massage head and RF heat to reduce the appearance of cellulite, sagging skin, and other issues of concern. You can have much toner skin in just a few sessions. 

TempSure Vitalia

If you have vaginal concerns like dryness, incontinence, or changes in your vaginal laxity, this system can restore your feminine wellness. The handpiece stimulates circulation in your vaginal walls with RF heating, which helps form tight and dense collagen fibers and elastin to give you vaginal rejuvenation.

The Botox® option

Botox uses a neurotoxin that we inject into areas where you want to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. The solution paralyzes your muscle activity, which smooths out and softens your fine lines and creases that develop from repetitive facial movements.

The dermal filler option

Dermal fillers use a hyaluronic acid-based gel that we inject into under the surface of your skin to fill in creases, wrinkles, smile lines, and plump up your lips. Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound in your body that decreases as you age. Dermal fillers simply put it back in your skin.

The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) microneedling option

With microneedling, we apply extremely small pricks to your skin with a special pen-shaped device. This action causes your skin to go into repair mode immediately, which produces elastin and collagen. 

PRP is created from a process naturally derived from your own body, which helps your skin heal quickly. When combining PRP with microneedling, your skin has an intense response to the growth factors that enhance your results.

Skin tightening options have different time frames on how long the results last. Before deciding on your treatment, consider a consultation with our team first. We can help determine what might be the right fit for your aesthetic desires. 

Call us at 239-213-0080 or use the online booking tool today. You can also send us a message if you have questions.

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