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Trouble Sleeping? Check Your Hormones

Trouble Sleeping? Check Your Hormones

Sleep plays a vital role in your health and your daily functioning. So, when you’re not getting the rest you need, you want answers.

The truth is: It could be your hormones. 

At Murray’s Health & Wellness, board-certified physician Emilia Murray, MD, and our team understand the importance of keeping your hormones balanced. When they’re not stable, you can experience multiple uncomfortable symptoms — one of them being a lack of sleep.

What hormones do

Your hormones are responsible for keeping many of your body’s systems, processes, and functions working properly. They are released through your endocrine system, which is a combination of organs and glands that function throughout your body.

Hormones help regulate your:

When it comes to sleep, your hormone production and your sleep can chase each other in a vicious cycle. Your hormone levels affect your quality of sleep, and your sleep affects your hormone production.

How hormones and sleep affect each other

Your body operates on a 24-hour cycle — mentally, physically, and behaviorally. The changes that occur during this time frame are called circadian rhythms. They are constantly regulating your sleep-wake cycle to keep your body balanced.

Getting the right amount of sleep is imperative for regulating your hormones, which include:

Women tend to experience sleep depravation during their menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, after childbirth, and during menopause. 

For men, low testosterone can be the culprit when it comes to not sleeping well.

Though you can certainly lose sleep due to certain lifestyle factors, such as stress, caffeine, and technology overstimulation, a lab test can determine if you’re having issues below the surface. 

Diagnosing and treating hormone imbalances

When you come into our office, we can determine if you have a hormone imbalance. If we find that your hormones are the issue, we provide bioidentical hormone therapy, which naturally replaces your lost hormones with those derived from plant ingredients.

We formulate them to match your chemical makeup, which your body responds to quickly and efficiently. You can apply bioidentical hormones with a cream, take them orally, or receive them via a rice-sized pellet that we place underneath your skin. The pellet time-releases the right combination of hormones.

If you’re having a difficult time sleeping, click here today to book an appointment at our Naples, Florida, office. We can determine if your lack of sleep is hormone-related and get you the treatment you deserve.

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