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Reclaim Your Younger Self with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you’re a woman entering into menopause or a man with low testosterone, you’re no stranger to the effects of unbalanced hormones. This can make your everyday life unbearable and can cause you increased stress.

At Murray’s Health and Wellness in Naples Florida, we specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Emilia Murray can help you fight the annoying symptoms of hormonal imbalances and get you back to feeling like yourself.

Reasons you might need hormone replacement therapy

Hormones are very important to your daily function and well-being. They help to regulate a huge variety of important bodily functions including, but not limited to:

All of these functions can be compromised when your hormones are not balanced. Having too little of certain hormones can throw off your body’s homeostasis which can lead to a variety of symptoms

Usually, a hormone imbalance manifests itself in a variety of ways, and is different for men and women. Signs that you may need hormone replacement therapy if you’re a woman include:

If you have thyroid hormone issues, they can cause other symptoms such as weight gain, low energy, and feeling of constant coldness.

If you’re a man with decreased testosterone levels, there are a multitude of symptoms that you may experience including:

Whether you’re a man or a woman, hormone imbalances can affect your mood and your relationships. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may be just the treatment you’ve been looking for to ease your symptoms.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy explained

Hormone replacement is used to help alleviate the symptoms when your body has trouble regulating your hormones naturally. Traditional hormone replacement treatments use synthetic ingredients and can also be made from horse urine. You may want a more natural approach to your health.

BHRT is a great alternative to traditional hormone therapy because it uses natural, plant-derived ingredients, making it less toxic to your body. It’s formulated specifically to your body’s own make up, so that the hormones can be used as efficiently as possible.

At Murray’s Health and Wellness, BHRT comes in a variety of forms, including:

The pellets are placed under your skin and offer a consistent supply of hormones to your body, which is convenient for people with busy lifestyles.

The many benefits you may receive

With BHRT, any patients experience increased sex drive, higher energy levels, and a reduction of unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes, sleep issues, and vaginal dryness. 

Using bioidentical hormone replacement may also reduce your risk of developing certain health problems, such as diabetes and cataracts. It can help you not only feel more youthful, but look younger, too, as it may improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles

If you’re tired of dealing with the side effects of imbalance hormones, contact our office at 239-268-0057 to request an appointment today.

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