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I’ve Tried EVERYTHING to Lose Weight — What Else Can I Do?

I’ve Tried EVERYTHING to Lose Weight — What Else Can I Do?

With the new year here, it’s time to refresh your goals and get a plan in place that helps you reach them. If weight loss is on your list, we have the answer.

If you feel like every effort you’ve made toward losing weight has resulted in failure, we understand the difficulty of your journey. That’s why we have a program in place in which we walk alongside you every step of the way to help you succeed in losing weight.

Here at Murray’s Health & Wellness, health and wellness expert Dr. Emilia Murray leads our team, as we help our patients improve and support their health journeys. If you’re struggling with weight loss, we can help.

First steps

If you feel like you’ve tried everything but are willing to give it one last shot, we’re glad you’re here. We offer a medical weight loss program that’s highly personalized and customized to work with your body type, lifestyle, and personal desires.

We first give you an overall health evaluation and ask questions about your daily habits, how active you are, and what your diet looks like. The more we know, the more we can fine-tune your customized plan.

Getting started on the plan

Our medical weight loss program is not a one-size-fits-all plan. We focus on helping you achieve fat loss and an ideal body composition that helps you stay healthy and fit.

Our customized plans include:

We also offer several different injections to increase your metabolism, suppress your hunger, speed up your weight loss, and help you feel in control. 

During your consultation with Dr. Murray, she explains the details of your plan and talks with you in-depth about the injections she might recommend for you to gain the maximum benefit.

Will a medical weight loss plan work for me?

Accountability plays a large role in your success when it comes to weight loss. When trying to lose weight on your own, you can easily divert from the plan if no one is holding you to it. The program can work for you as long as you participate.

Our program provides you with weekly meetings, which is a time for you to discuss your struggles and successes and get answers to any questions you might have. Our time with you might result in fine-tuning areas of your plan that need some adjustments.

As we guide you through the program, we help you stay on track and accomplish your goals in a safe and healthy way. We can also help you maintain your goal weight once you reach it.

If you’re overweight and you’re ready to shed those extra pounds forever, start your year by contacting us today at our Naples, Florida, office. We look forward to helping you achieve success.

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