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How Your Hormones Can Affect the Way You Age

There’s a lot you can do to age gracefully, but you can’t control the process completely. In fact, some of the most common effects of aging are a product of the invisible chemical messengers that regulate the aging process  — your hormones. 

As a board-certified internist who specializes in anti-aging medicine, Emilia Murray, MD, knows that shifting hormone levels can have a profound impact on your vitality, appearance, and sense of well-being as you get older. 

Luckily, Dr. Murry and the team at Murray’s Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, can help you do something about it. Here’s how hormonal changes can contribute to the aging process, and how you can counteract some of those changes.   

Understanding hormones

Your endocrine system is a complex network of glands and organs that produce and secrete hormones. Tasked with transferring vital information between cells, hormones are the chemical substances responsible for regulating and coordinating many complex body processes.  

Hormones play a vital role in growth, tissue maintenance, metabolism, organ function, sexual function, mood, sleep, appetite, and so much more.    

Your hormone levels fluctuate as you move through the various stages of life. As you head into middle age, your endocrine system may also begin to show its age by producing lower levels of certain hormones or producing the same amounts at a much slower rate.   

Age-related hormonal changes

As you age, some hormone levels increase slightly, some stay the same, and some decrease gradually over time. While these changes are important and natural, the imbalances they cause can impact how — and how quickly — you age.

Some of the most significant changes involve declining reproductive hormones:


As one of the main female reproductive hormones, estrogen controls menstruation and makes pregnancy possible. It also helps regulate cholesterol levels, maintain bone and skin health, and stabilize your mood. 

A gradual decline in estrogen leads to menopause or the end of female fertility.  Although this process affects every woman differently, it often gives rise to mood changes, sleep problems, fatigue, weight gain, and low libido. 

Declining estrogen levels also causes many women to experience thinning tissues. The skin may appear looser and more wrinkled, vaginal tissues may be drier and more delicate, and urinary tract tissues may become more prone to infection.


The male reproductive hormone testosterone doesn’t simply control sperm production and sex drive, it also regulates muscle mass, bone density, fat distribution patterns, metabolism, mood, and sleep.   

Although declining testosterone is a natural part of aging, over a third of men past the age of 45 have measurably low testosterone levels. This can lead to a sluggish metabolism, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, sleep disturbances, low energy, and decreased motivation. 

Targeted anti-aging solutions

For men and women alike, declining hormones tend to play a major role in some of the most common physical changes of middle age: reduced energy, an expanding waistline, and loose, saggy skin. 

Prioritizing self-care and a healthy lifestyle can help you counteract many of these changes — you should strive to stay active, eat wholesome foods, get plenty of sleep, manage your daily stressors, and take good care of your skin.

If you’re looking to truly offset or even correct age-related hormonal changes, Dr. Murray and her team offer a comprehensive menu of anti-aging services, ranging from systemic therapies to aesthetic solutions. You may benefit from:

To learn more about our anti-aging solutions, give us a call at 239-268-0057 today, or book your appointment online any time. As always, feel free to send us a message if you have questions or concerns before your visit.

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