How Life Extension Nutritional Supplements Can Benefit Your Health

Over 50% of all people in the United States ingest supplements as part of their daily routine. But do you really need them? And if so, why?

Although you can manage your essential nutrients with food to improve or maintain your good health, it’s not always easy. That’s where supplements come in. They can fill in the gaps where your diet falls short.

At Murray’s Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, we understand the importance of achieving superior health and wellness with nutritional supplements. When you take them, their purity and quality matter. That’s why board-certified internal medicine specialist, Emilia Murray, MD, ABIM, and our professional team offer Life Extension® supplements as one of our brand options to help your body experience maximum results.

But, what happens if you don’t choose pure supplements?

Dangers of other supplements

Although it’s easy to buy cheap supplements online or convenient to grab them at the nearest drugstore, what’s in them could be harmful to your health. Unfortunately, they aren’t always safe.

They can contain heavy metals, excess lead, aluminum, and too much mercury. Some supplements have been found to have bacterial and fungal contamination, too. These dangers can cause damage to your liver, intestines, and appendix.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) apprehended about 300,000 bottles of dietary supplements in 2019 due to high levels of lead. The consequences for consumers can be extensive.

Our team has the expertise to provide the right nutritional supplements for your body that work with your current nutritional habits, lifestyle, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medicines you might be taking. We can give you positive and safe results.

Benefits of Life Extension nutritional supplements

The creation of Life Extension supplements begins with scientific research to ensure that you’re getting the purest and highest grade of quality for your health. When you ingest pure ingredients, your body responds in a positive way.

Supplements can support your:

The high-quality ingredients in these supplements can also help you sleep, calm your stress, and boost your mood.

We can identify your health needs and find out what nutrient deficiencies you might have. We can then help integrate and manage what supplements you should take to complement your body’s health and give you the results you need. 

To learn more about the supplements that can support your health, schedule a consultation with us today at 239-213-0080, or book your appointment online. We’re here to help if you have any questions before we see you. Just send us a message.

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