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Don't Let a Droopy Neck Betray Your Age

Where do you put all your anti-aging efforts? On your skin, right? If that's the case, you're letting the skin on your neck age, sag, and develop wrinkles. Because, yes, just like your face, the skin on your neck ages. 

At Murray’s Health & Wellness, we’re proud to offer a variety of anti-aging and skin tightening services, to help tighten the skin on your neck and slow down the aging process. We’ve compiled this helpful guide to help you reduce the appearance of aging on your neck so you can feel more confident.

Skincare for your neck matters

If you’re using regular body wash on your neck, that could be part of the problem. Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your neck requires a gentler cleanser. Using a body wash on your neck can dry it out! 

On the other hand, when it comes to moisturizers, what you’re using on your face may not be the best product for your neck. The skin that covers your chest and neck is the thinnest skin on your body, and it’s also not connected to any bone structure. 

So, you’ll want to use a moisturizer or anti-aging cream that’s specifically designed for the skin on your neck. Talk to us if you’d like to discuss prescription options.

Additionally, you’ll want to use an upward motion when cleansing your neck and face, as gravity is already pulling your neck skin down.

Things to avoid

Believe it or not, your phone could be aging you. Staring down at your phone for prolonged periods of time doesn’t just lead to pain in your neck, but it can also age your neck. When you spend so much time with your neck leaned over, you develop horizontal creases and wrinkles on your neck. 

Spraying perfume on your neck also dries it out. Perfume has alcohol that dries out your skin and impairs your skin’s ability to protect itself against damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The skin on your neck and chest is especially vulnerable to sun damage because it angles up toward the sun. 

Skin tightening solutions for your neck

At our office, we use TempSure Envi. This revolutionary skin tightening treatment uses radiofrequency energy to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. The treatment helps to stimulate collagen development and gives you tighter skin, with a smoother, more even tone.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for skin tightening treatments, and learn what to expect by contacting our office. You can call us at 239-268-0057 or visit us online to schedule an appointment. Now Telehealth Consults for Medi spa services also. Call now for your future service under current circumstances major discounts have been offered.

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