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Common Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance

Common Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance

Your hormones travel throughout your body, controlling and telling your body how to function optimally. So when they get out of balance, you can feel the effects. 

At Murray’s Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, Emilia E. Murray, MD, ABIM, is a board-certified internal medicine physician who leads our team and offers cutting-edge hormone replacement therapies.

If your hormones become imbalanced — whether from overproduction or underproduction — the imbalances can cause uncomfortable symptoms and health issues.

Understanding hormones

Your hormones work to coordinate complex processes throughout your body, such as reproduction, growth, and metabolism. Before you’re born, they play a role in the development of your brain and reproductive system. 

They also have a powerful influence on the function of your immune system and can even alter your behavior. 

Your endocrine system is made up of:

Hormone imbalance occurs when you encounter endocrine disruptors, which are chemicals or toxins that interfere with their function. 

You can be exposed to these disrupting chemicals through food, beverages, pesticides, and cosmetics. Root causes also include high stress levels and compromised gut health.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance

When your hormones fall out of balance, common symptoms you might experience include:

We have steps to help reverse the effects of hormone imbalance and give you some relief.

How to balance your hormones naturally

There are ways for you to take personal, proactive steps that can reverse the unwanted effects of hormone imbalance.

To help steer you in the right direction, our team provides healthy, professional advice on how to balance your hormones naturally, which includes:

At your consultation with Dr. Murray, she can give you a list of endocrine disruptors and explain how to avoid them. She also provides specific, personal solutions for your situation. 

How to reverse hormone imbalances with medical supervision

At our practice, we provide bioidentical hormone therapy, which formulates a chemical match to your body so it can respond naturally. 

We first give you a comprehensive exam that helps us determine your specific condition and needs. Once we identify the level of attention needed, we administer the proper amount of hormone therapy to balance your hormones.

Studies show that your body responds to plant-based diets. Plant-based ingredients not only benefit your body, but your brain, as well. We offer plant-based treatments through creams and pellets, or you can take them orally. 

If you’re showing signs of a hormone imbalance, call our team at 239-268-0057 today or request your appointment online. In addition, you may send us a message if you have questions before your visit.

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