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Can Everyone Benefit from Microneedling?

Can Everyone Benefit from Microneedling?

In today’s world, there are so many options to improve the condition and appearance of your skin — microneedling is one of them.

This popular treatment addresses a long list of skin concerns, including:

At Murray’s Health & Wellness, we aim to carefully listen to your beauty goals and help you achieve them. When you visit our practice, our board-certified physician Dr. Emilia Murray evaluates the condition of your skin. 

With microneedling being one of our most sought-after treatments because of its many benefits, it might be the right treatment for you.

How microneedling works

Microneedling is a nonsurgical treatment that uses tiny needles to puncture the surface of your skin, creating micro-injuries. Though it sounds a bit scary and maybe even painful — it’s not!

Dr. Murray first applies a topical anesthetic to your skin before your procedure begins. This helps numb the targeted areas and reduces any sensation of pain. 

Next, Dr. Murray uses a small, sterilized, pen-shaped device to create the puncture wounds in your skin. The process goes quickly, only taking about 15-30 minutes.

At Murray’s Health & Wellness, we combine our microneedling service with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which offers amazing healing effects. 

To create the PRP healing serum, we take a small sample of your blood from your arm and then spin the blood in a machine called a centrifuge to create the concentrated source.

After your microneedling treatment, we spread the PRP solution over your skin to promote accelerated healing, enhanced cellular repair, and collagen production.

After your appointment, you might experience some swelling and a bit of pinkness where your skin was treated, but you can get on with your regular activities without any downtime.

Is microneedling right for me?

The answer is yes! Microneedling is safe for all skin types. While there are certain treatments that can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation for certain skin types, you don’t have to worry about that with microneedling. 

All skin types heal the same way with this treatment, making it one of the most inclusive treatments to help so many look and feel young again. 

Both men and women can take advantage of this treatment we offer. You can also schedule regular treatments, if desired, to maintain your healthy and younger-looking skin.

To schedule a skin evaluation with Dr. Murray and to find out if microneedling can help you reach your beauty goals, schedule your appointment today at our Naples, Florida, office.

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