Boost Your Metabolism With B12

Boost Your Metabolism With B12

To keep your body at its optimal health, you need a variety of vitamins. When it comes to managing your weight, B12 plays a hefty role in boosting your metabolism, making it a popular choice — especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

At Murray’s Health & Wellness in Naples, Florida, Emilia E. Murray, MD, ABIM, and our professional team care about your weight management health goals. That’s why we offer lipotropic B12 injections

Understanding B12

Vitamin B12 is found in many of your foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. However, most people can’t sustain the amount of B12 they need with food alone, which can cause a deficiency.

B12 regulates cell metabolism and helps transform fat into energy, improving your body’s ability to lose weight. At Murray’s Health and Wellness, we combine B12 with lipotropic injections, which provide supplements for fat loss.

How lipotropic B12 injections work

These energy-enhancing injections play a major role in boosting your metabolism by breaking down fat in your liver. 

The injections are formulated with a compound of ingredients that include two categories of amino acids that melt fat away and increase your metabolism. Combining lipotropic injections with B12 produces successful results.

Here’s how the amino acids work:

Fat-busting amino acids

To mobilize fat, you can get support from these three key amino acids:

These work together to stop your body from storing excess fat and help initiate the breakdown of fat more quickly for natural removal.

Metabolism-increasing amino acids

To boost your metabolism, you can get support from these two amino acids:


This amino acid converts your fat into energy. When used with B12, it works to advance your metabolic rate, turning your food into energy that you use instead of store in your body.


Your body already produces L-carnitine naturally. But you can boost it with this natural supplement to enhance your weight loss efforts.

These injections work to help you eliminate extra pounds and release toxins from your body.

How to get results

As with any weight loss plan, B12 injections won’t provide miracle weight loss on their own. But, we can walk alongside you with our weight loss program, offering guidance and monitoring your progress every step of the way.

To learn more about B12 and how we can help you lose weight, call our team at 239-213-0080 or use the online booking tool today. Feel free to send us a message if you have questions before you come in.

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